Keep checking back here for more #FILCelebrityWatch updates, as our team of highly-skilled paparazzi’s scours out famous faces in the madness that is Festival International 2016!

Thursday April 21

6:22pm – We have our first #FILCelebrityWatch sighting of 2016! Paula Deen has reportedly been spotted setting up a makeshift booth next to the General Mouton statue. She’s thought to be selling cookbooks, wigs, and under-the-table confederate-themed Zippo lighters.

8:19pmAaron Carter has allegedly been seen at Greenroom, smoking three Lucky Strike cigarettes at once. Claimed to be beating his fist angrily against the jukebox after realizing that his albums aren’t available on it.


Friday April 22

6:06pmDog the Bounty Hunter has been seen near the Science Museum, pinning down to the ground anyone spotted dropping litter. Also telling them to “find Jesus” and that they “can come back from this a better person, brah”.

6:46pmMichael Bolton is rumored to have been spotted arguing with security at the Fais Do Do stage. Said to be pleading with them to let him on-stage and to”Just sing one song” claiming that his “career needs this…”


7:01pmChris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, has been sighted at the Scene Cypress Bayou Internationale stage with a pen and paper. Alleged to be scribbling notes furiously underneath a title of ‘How To Make Music Sound Interesting’.