April Fools Day is that special day where, even the average Louisiana citizen that takes everything he or she reads on the internet to be true takes a day off.

But alas, that day has been and gone — but we take a look back at some of the ways that the good folks of Louisiana were supremely duped.



Some sick rich jerk decided to buy advertising space on every single billboard for the full 24 hours just to have a creepy-eyed Joel Olsteen staring at you as you drive by. Wrecks were reported to have increased by 37%.

2New Iberia

Area man James DuCroix was a real tease and told his grandparents that he’s no longer a registered republican and plans to vote democrat this year. Unconfirmed reports trickled in that the grandfather may have suffered a minor heart-attack.

3Baton Rouge

Some joker – actually in this case it was John Bel Edwards – told the state this morning that the financial issues were “just a joke” and that he’d just made it all up as “a bit of banter”. He then took it to the next level and announced that he was investing $30 billion into ensuring that all LSU fans would receive free corn dogs for the whole of next season. What a guy.


We had a real original prankster in Abbeville, as Mikey Rodriguez replaced all of his dads mossy oak camo clothing with modern, sleek, trendy items from J Crew. Needless to say, his dad was not pleased and was quoted as stating that “he wouldn’t be seen dead in that city crap”.


Some crazy dude decided to move the ‘Welcome To Arkansas’ state-line signage to the South side of Alexandria. We’re still trying to confirm whether or not this was an April Fools Day prank, to be honest.


Local Monroe news outlet KMRO-LA pulled one of the biggest and most outrageous April Fools pranks of the day by pretending that there was an actual news story emerging from the city that didn’t involve a murder, theft or arson. Amazing.

7New Orleans

New Orleans skywriter – famed for writing words of encouragement and love above the city – was a real jerk for April Fools Day by giving away major Game of Thrones spoilers all morning.