LAFAYETTE, LA – Local F150 owner and regionally-renowned T-boy Steven Boudreaux today confirmed that he kind of regrets lifting his truck by 20 feet, as his daily morning routine of hitting up the Chik-fil-A drive-thru has been made somewhat more difficult.

Mr. Boudreaux, who prides himself on his varied breakfast of either a sausage breakfast burrito, a bacon egg & cheese biscuit, or an order of hash browns, washed down with a cup of coffee, realized his error as of yesterday.

“Well I went get my truck lifted on Friday by like 20 feet ’cause that shit looks unreal bruh, but I guess I didn’t think too far ahead because now I gotta carry one of those megaphones around with me so the lady at the drive-thru window can hear me make my damn order” Mr Boudreaux explained.

He went on to describe how it’s also a hassle for Chick-fil-A to his order to him.

“I mean I kinda feel bad too, because they had to buy one of those boom lifts so that they can bring my order upto my window. It’s kind of a complicated situation I guess but it’s all good ’cause my ride looks unreal bruh.”

Mr. Boudreaux confirmed that he has plans to raise his whip another 20 feet in the near future.